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News & Updates: June 16, 2024

Hi friends!

We have updated our discography with albums from Andreas Hald (DK), Frans Bak & Sinne Eeg (DK), Winter/Andersson/Watts (DK/US), Marja Mortensson (NO), Kathrine Windfeld (DK) and Iiro Rantala HEL Trio (FI).

There are also EP:s and singles from Ellen Andersson (SE), Ådalsbandet (SE), Svalarna (SE), Sarke (NO), Quantifier (US), Gylder (NO), Josefine Lindstrand (SE), The Fires Below (UK), Angelina Pavanelli (SE), Oskar Jeremias (SE), Smashed songs (SE), Stundom (DK), Max Lorentz & Delad Vårdnad (SE), Maja Gullstrand (SE), Alex Crown (SE) and Below Carbon (UK).

Dicography additions June 2024

During the past few months we have started to deliver masters in Dolby Atmos. This is a collaboration with the brilliant producer and mixing engineer August Wanngren in Copenhagen. Have a listen to some of the records here:

“Soil In The Ground” by Ghost Coast Choir (DK)
“Train Home / Droplets” by Bjarke Falgren (DK) and Sönke Meinen (DE)
“Call For Winter II” by Daniel Herskedal (NO)
“At The Crest” by Jonas Colstrup (DK). This is a reissue of Jonas’ 2022 album, now with a brand new Atmos mix!

Delivery times at the moment are 2-3 weeks for albums. If you’re planning to master your record with us, it’s a good idea to give us a heads-up to make sure that we can meet your deadline. 💜

We’ll be back with some more news later on this summer. ☀️🌻😎

All the best!

💚 Sofia & Thomas