Below Carbon

"After listening to the tracks several times, and in different devices, I can confirm that we are more then happy with the results of your work. The tracks sounds both amazing and I could not be happier. Thank you very much once again to all of you for the work and exceptional service!"
– Enrico, Below Carbon, January 2023

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Band of Pockets

"Band of Pockets have worked with Stockholm Mastering, Thomas and Sofia, from the start. Getting a good mastering these days is not very difficult, it will sound loud, it will sound fat. But getting GREAT mastering, having great ears (human beings with an understanding of music and genres) taking care of your songs, serving the nuances, finding the right low end, and making them even more musical – that’s not very common. Stockholm Mastering always knocks us off our feet with their ability to take every song and make it deeper, rounder, smoother, louder, and even happier and freer (yes!). It’s some sort of magic, and we would never trade that for anything. If you want the best for your music, don’t look any further." –Band of Pockets, January 2023

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"We have now all had time to listen and we’re super happy with the result, thank you very much. This has been a wonderful first experience and we hope we can come back to you guys with future projects." – Frostbitt, January 2023

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Jan Harbeck Quartet – “Balanced”

"Thank you so much for your really great work, Stockholm Mastering! 🙏🙏🙏" – Jan Harbeck, December 2022

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Phogg – “Centre Piece”

"Vi har lyssnat på allt nu flera gånger och vi är SÅ nöjda. Wow! Vi har nog aldrig varit så nöjda med en mastring förut och är väldigt glada och imponerade över erat arbete. Ni har verkligen lyckats lyfta låtarna till en ny nivå och många partier som jag har bråkat med länge känns bättre nu." – Phogg, November 2022

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Jonas Colstrup – “At the crest”

"Thank you so much for this! I have had a good listen. It sounds amazing as always so thanks!!!" – Jonas Colstrup, November 2022

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Elaria Orchestra – “Ikigai”

"Thank you Stockholm Mastering for your sound wizard skills! The sound is amazing! 🤩🎵" – Elaria Orchestra, November 2022

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