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News & Updates: November 18, 2023

Hi friends!

We have updated our discography with legendary Swedish metal band Meshuggah and the re-mastered version of “Chaosphere”. Also, the album ”Songs for cats and kids” in Chinese from jazz singer Zhang Le, the soundtrack for the Danish mini-series “Statsministeren Helle Thorning-Schmidt” by Jonas Colstrup, the album “Tidvatten” by Swedish jazz singer Ingrid Malmén, the album “Here Now” by Danish jazz pianist Søren Bebe and his trio, the album “BABEL” by Danish jazz guitarist Mark Solborg, among other releases.

Thank you for trusting us with your records and supporting our highly specialized, niched mastering studio. Without you we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. ❤️

In November, we launched a listening app that is currently in beta. We have already seen some indications that this will become a really good help for you who master with us. It’s basically an easy way to compare the master with the original mix and also to compare different versions of a master.

Delivery times at the moment are 1-2 weeks for albums. Let us know as usual if you have a tighter deadline. 😊 Looking forward to hearing from you! ☀️

💚 Sofia & Thomas