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New record from legendary Opus 3 Records

The album on the left is the latest release from Opus 3 Records“Reflections” by Tommy Crona Jazz Trio. This is a beautifully produced record with extra focus on high quality sound, just like all records from Opus 3 Records.

  • Produced by Roger Ekman and Jan-Eric Persson
  • Recorded and mixed by Erik Nordström and Jan-Eric Persson
  • Mastered here at Stockholm Mastering.

The first time I worked with the legendary Jan-Eric Persson from Opus 3 was in 2001 when we edited, mixed and mastered the album on the right – “Rauk” by Global Percussion Network. This was one of the very first Super Audio CDs produced here in Sweden. It’s an innovative and great sounding album – recorded, edited, mixed and mastered in DSD for stereo and 4.0 surround.

In the 21 years since then, we have had the pleasure of mastering lots of records for Opus 3 and we are looking forward to more adventures in Hi-fi together with Jan-Eric!

Check out Opus 3 on the web here:

Have a great day! 🎶