How to get your record mastered with us

  • Place the order

    Fill out the form below and proceed to the checkout page to place the order and make the payment.

  • Submit the mixes and info

    You will receive instructions for submitting all files and info after ordering.

  • Receive your mastered record

    ...and remember to let us know if there's anything you'd want us to have another look at. We won't be finished until you are happy!

  • Mastering is 800 SEK per track, or 7000 SEK per album.
    • Average track length should be 8 minutes or less for the price per track to apply. Contact us if you have looong songs.
    • Maximum album length is 75 minutes for the album price, with no limit on track lengths.
    • Files for online distribution (Wave, 16bit, 44.1kHz), and one DDP premaster for CD-replication is included in the price.
    • Revisions are free, within reason.
    • All mastering is done unattended.
  • Additional cost for high resolution files is 80 SEK per track, or 700 SEK per album.
    • Delivered as wave files, stereo, 24 bits, in the same sampling frequency as the mixes.
    • These files are compliant with the guidlines for Apple Digital Masters (formerly known as “Mastered for iTunes”). Stockholm Mastering is approved by Apple for delivering ADM files.
  • Additional cost for an alternative master version for vinyl cutting is 120 SEK per track, or 1000 SEK per album.
    • Versions with less or no peak limiting. Delivered as wave files, 24 bits, in the same sampling frequency as the mixes, with one continous file per side plus a timing sheet. Just let us know if you need any other format instead.
  • Mastering of extra mix versions, for example instrumental or TV-mix, is 300 SEK per extra mix.
    • Mastered at the same occasion and with the same settings as the main version.

All prices are excluding 25% Swedish VAT. VAT will be added unless the customer is a VAT-registered company within the EU with a valid VAT number, or if the customer is outside of the EU.

We currently have three different options available for turnaround time – Standard, No-Stress, and Express. The actual number of days varies depending on our current workload. You will find the current turnaround times in the order form below.

If you are in a hurry and need the Express turnaround, there will be an extra 20% express fee added to the order.

If you on the other hand have plenty of time, and order the longest turnaround time, there will be a 20% No-Stress discount.

The turnaround time is presented as a number of working days. A working day is a week day (Monday to Friday), not including any Swedish national holidays.

Your record is ready to be mastered as soon as we have received the order, full payment, all mixes, and all relevant information from you. The expected delivery date is then calculated from this date plus the ordered turnaround time.